TABConf Mixtape Vol 1: PlebDev Panels

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Car heads to TABConf in Atlanta.
Car shares the PlebLab panels from PlebDev Village. They discuss what PlebLab has been up to since moving into Phase II. They also dive into building PlebLab in Austin, bringing on new projects, helping new founders in the lab, and what exactly is a PlebDev.

  • austin, texas
  • perseverance
  • war in afghanistan
  • losing friends
  • pleblab expansion
  • lightning ventures
  • what is a plebdev
  • synergy
  • building an accelerator
  • the best deals 
  • betting on the underdog
  • yc
  • tabconf villages
  • base58
  • coding path

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TABConf Mixtape Vol 1: PlebDev Panels
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